Monday, February 22, 2016

Science Olympiad

An upcoming event on March 5th is Science Olympiad. It will take place at Ronald E. McNair High School in Stockton. Students will compete in events such as: Food Science, Fossils, Green Generation, Picture This, and Anatomy and Physiology. We have a good turn out and will follow up on the blog for more information!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mrs. Lucchesi Teacher Interview

 By: Savanna Laguna and Abigail Tellez-Perez

Mrs. Lucchesi is currently the Kindergarten teacher and has been teaching at St. Anne's since 2000, and also has also taught second and first grades. Mrs. Lucchesi became a teacher because she loves helping kids learn. Mrs. Lucchesi’s secret for teaching is Ms. Haro because without her it would be hard for her to do her job. She said that "she has lots of patience and loves seeing the kids get an education." I am sure she feels connected to the school because her kids went here. Her favorite singer is Kenny Chesney, and her favorite subject in school was Astronomy. If she could travel any place she wanted it would be Italy and Spain.

Kara Newman Teacher Interview

 By: Savanna Laguna and Abigail Tellez-Perez

Kara Newman has been teaching for a total of six years and is currently the third grade teacher and has also taught third grade. She became a teacher because she had a lot of friends who were teachers and they told her how fun it was to teach. Her secret for teaching is a good sense of humor and lots of love. A really cool thing is she even came to St. Annes when she was younger and so did her parents! Kara says being a teacher is really fun to help kids learn and help them achieve their goals in life. She also said it requires a lot of patience. Her favorite band is The Fray and enjoys many of their songs. Kara says her favorite subjects as a kid were science and English. She also says if she could travel anywhere in the world it would be Italy.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Red Ribbon Week

 By: Hannah Mulbarager and Sarah Farragher
The theme for this years Red Ribbon Week was Respect. The Friday before Red Ribbon Week, Student Council put on a rally to reveal the theme for Red Ribbon Week and had a big flash mob to showcase the RESPECT theme. On Monday, the students wore a college top with uniform bottoms. On Tuesday the students wore all red. One or two students from each class were chosen for the most red competition. All of the winners from each class received a prize from Student Council. On Wednesday, Student Council gave the students a Red treat after mass. On Thursday, the students wore jeans with a red shirt for $2. On Friday, the students dressed up as someone they respect or who is respectful. By the end of the week, we raised $400 and the proceeds are being used to help a former St. Anne's student.

Comic Strip Contest

You have the chance to be involved in the St. Anne's PawPrint Newspaper. Everyone from 1st-8th grade will have the chance to create a comic strip that will be in the St. Anne's newspaper. There will be a finalist from each class an 8th grade student will choose a winner from the nine finalists. The overall winner will have their comic published in the newspaper and will receive a Juice It Up gift card! Other comics will be featured on the PawPrint blog

1. The comic must be appropriate:
  • no roasting
  • no racist jokes or comments
  • no making fun of religious or political issues
2.   Must be at least three blocks long.
3.   Maximum of nine  blocks.        


Have Fun!!!
Developers: Juan Valdes and Josee Gonzales

Monday, November 2, 2015

Pink Week

                    By: Hannah Mulbarager and Sarah Farragher
    On the first day of Pink week, the students wore pink accessories to support Cancer awareness and treatments. The second day we had pink animal crackers after mass. On Thursday, the students wore all pink, and the who wore the most pink contest was judged by Student Council. Congratulations to the 8th grade for wearing the most pink! On Friday, the students wore pink accessories and by the end of the week, our school raised $167 (from donations) for the American Cancer Society. Great job to all St. Anne's students for making donations to support cancer awareness and treatment!!!! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week
October 26th-30th

College day with uniform bottoms!


Red treats after mass

$2 jean day with a red shirt
  • This will support a recent St Anne’s graduate diagnosed with cancer
Dress up as someone who you respect
or is respectful 
By: Hannah Mulbarager